Natalia Méndez

TRM_Ambassadors_Spain (ES) Spanish Showjumper

Natalia Méndezis a Spanish show jumping rider from Madrid. She was only 10 years old when she started to compete in dressage, but she changed of discipline 3 years later beginning in jumping.

Méndez has been training in jumping for almost 20 years and, currently, she is preparing her first International Jumping Competition. In addition, along this year she has participated in several National Jumping Championships, getting positioned in the top 10 in all the show events.

Natalia studied Advertising & PR and nowadays has achieved the first position in the Spanish Horsetubers Ranking. She is an influencer in the horse world who shows on her social media channels daily her trainings, the treatments to her horses, how to apply and use the TRM products, the best way to care the animal, etc. Furthermore, at the present, she has started a new project as equestrian teacher to share her knowledge with the young hopes of today’s equestrian scene.

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