Judy Harvey

TRM_Ambassadors_Union_Jack (GBR) Grand Prix Dressage Rider

Judy Harvey is a Grand Prix Dressage Rider, Judge and Trainer.

As well as her International Grand Prix partner, Fitzcerraldo, Judy has had success with his stable mate, Lou Wega at Prix St Georges and Intermediate I. Of Fitzcerraldo she says ‘‘he was always an amazing character and as a young horse had a great canter. He didn’t really establish his trot until he was 6. When I first took him to competitions I thought something was wrong as he would go into his stable, lie down and go to sleep. He is incredibly confident and doesn’t worry about anything or other horses.’

Judy is a successful rider and a well respected trainer, hosting clinics all over the world. Among her regular clients is eventer and very successful dressage rider Ruth Edge, who Judy has trained for many years. Judy has also produced training videos, (a sample is below) helping riders understand the requirements of different movements from novice to Elementary. The combination of trainer and top level judge ensures Judy’s eagle eyes don’t miss a trick and helps riders to achieve better marks.

 Judy on TRM’s Good as Gold:

I used Good As Gold Paste on a young horse who was a little stressed travelling and used to paw. When I travelled him to Holland recently, I tried him on ½ a syringe the night before and ½ a syringe the morning of the travel. He ever pawed the duration of the trip, and ate and drank well. I used it on the return journey also to great success.

Judy on TRM’s GNF:

Having used the product continuously now for four years I am delighted to say that we have had no digestive problems with any of our horses. I recommend this product to any clients whose animals are showing mild resistance to the leg who could potentially be suffering from gastric disturbances.