Boko Stables

TRM-Ambassador-Flag-Sweden (SWE) Top Trotting Producers

Boko Stables is today one of the leading farms in the trotters in Scandinavia.

Since its launch in Sweden in 1996, Boko Stables have achieved great success with horses bred by Rae Boko, Boko Vala, Pegasus Boko, Boko Yield not to forget the winner in Swedish Travkriterium 2012, Chelsea Boko.

Success is the result of quality awareness in every aspect of farming, from material, breeding planning, feeding, handling and care of the growing young horses.

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Here is what Mr John Bootsman, Boko Stables, Sweden & Holland has to say about TRM’s Calphormin.

The three champions Zola Boko, Virgil Boko and Yield Boko all have one thing in common; all three were raised on Calphormin, which is an integral part of our breeding programme.