Quality Commitment

As industry pioneers, TRM have unparalleled experience in understanding the specific nutritional requirements of performance horses.

The TRM Manufacturing facility, covering an area of 70,000 sq ft, is one of the largest dedicated plants for Equine Nutritional Supplements in Europe. The company operates the HACCP Food Safety System. European Community Regulations have laid down strict conditions for the manufacture and marketing of feed supplements. TRM was one of the first companies in  this sector to be granted an EU manufacturing licence. The approval number assigned to TRM is IEKE000477.

The total quality management system at TRM is guaranteed by its full time Quality Assurance Department (Q.A.D). TRM’s ‘Q.A.D’ implements rigorous protocol and HACPP systems throughout the production process. All raw materials are carefully controlled for technical and qualitative standards. All naturally originating materials are further tested for naturally occurring contaminants by independent laboratories. All raw materials approved for process are carefully controlled throughout the manufacturing and are fully traceable, thereby guaranteeing our customers the highest quality products.

The Company recognises the importance of strategic alliances with world leaders in equine feed ingredients. This is vital to ensure reliable deliveries of materials of consistent quality. To this end the TRM Purchasing Department conducts ongoing audits of supplier companies, measuring their performance against strict criteria, and their materials against rigorous in house raw material specifications.

TRM’s HACCP & Total Quality Programme

TRM’s HACCP & Total Quality Programme ensures that ingredients are sourced from reliable and approved suppliers and stored securely. Ingredients are weighed out according to documented recipies and specifications, blended and packaged correctly. Products are consistently manufactured in a safe and clean environment, by specified methods, under adequate supervision with effective quality control procedures.

This ensures that the finished product meets standards of safety, quality and purity so the consumer may be confident that the product is reliable for the purpose for which it is designed.

ISO 22000:2005 Certified

TRM has established a food safety management system in accordance with International standard ISO 22000:2005.

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