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Good as Gold Paste.
A calming paste


Presentation: 70g syringe

Good as Gold Paste is an effective, and convenient feed supplement, specially designed for nervous, hot or stressed horses. It contains a high level of Magnesium, which is in chelated form for better absorption; B vitamins which have important nutritional functions in the synthesis of neurotransmitters in the central nervous system; and L-Tryptophan, a precursor amino acid in the formation of serotonin.

Feeding Instructions: Feed half a syringe the morning before a competition. Where necessary feed half a syringe the evening before a competition.

per 70g per 1kg
Chelated Magnesium (Elemental);
6,300mg 90,000mg
3,000mg 42,890mg
300mg 4,290mg
Vitamin B1
60mg 860mg
Vitamin B2
60mg 860mg
Pantothenic Acid
60mg 860mg
Folic Acid
38mg 544mg
Vitamin B6
30mg 430mg
1.5mg 22mg
Vitamin B12
700mcg 10mg