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Herbal anti-stress agent


Presentation: 7 x 40g, 100 x 40g

Eleuthromax contains active ingredients extracted from the roots of the Siberian Ginseng (Eleutherococcus Senticosus) plant. The active components in Eleuthromax are called eleutherosides. These eleutherosides have a wide range of activities, the most important of which is their ability to increase resistance to stress. Eleuthromax given through the season can add vitality and consistency to a horse's year round performance.

CAUTION: The use of this product may contravene the rules of equestrian competition.  The manufacturer recommends withholding from the feed for 48 hours prior to competition.

Feeding Instructions: Work days: One 40g sachet either the evening before work or that morning.
Counter stress: One 40g sachet per day for seven days, e.g. seven days prior to long distance travel.


per 40g
per 1kg
Eleutherococcus Extract 12,500mg 312,500mg
Excipient to 40g

Eleuthromax is made to a guaranteed standard composition through analytical identification of the eleutheroside content using the H.P.L.C. method.