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Biotin Biotin - Maintains hooves in good condition
Cod Liver Oil Cod Liver Oil - Promotes health and vitality
Chelated Copper Chelated Copper - Essential trace element
Curragh Carron Oil Curragh Carron Oil - Omega enriched digestive aid
Eleuthromax Eleuthromax - Herbal anti-stress agent
Equivent Equivent - Extra air power
Garlic Honey Glucose Garlic Honey & Glucose - Encourages a robust appetite
Garlic Powder Garlic Powder - Natures way
Good as Gold Good as Gold - A calming supplement
gagpt100 Good as Gold Paste - A calming paste
GNF GNF - Gut nutrition formula
TRM_GNF_Paste_Box.jpgGNF Paste - Gut nutrition formula 
Hemorex Hemorex - For healthy lungs
Hoof Oil Hoof Oil - For a show-ring finish
Hoof Conditioner Hoof Conditioner - Keeps hooves supple
Hoofmaker Hoofmaker - The ultimate supplement for hooves
Hoofmaker Pellets Hoofmaker Pellets - The complete feed for healthy hooves
Linseed Oil Linseed Oil - Aids digestion and coat condition
Muscle Up Muscle Up - A natural body builder
Neutracid Neutracid - Body acid neutraliser
Staysound Staysound - Cool and soothing leg clay
Vitamin E 2000 Vitamin E 2000 - Essential trace element