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Specialist equine disinfectant


Presentation: 50 X 10g tablets per tub

EQUISEPT is a broad-spectrum disinfectant in a new, easy-to-use tablet format. It readily dissolves in water to provide a powerful disinfectant solution.

Indications for Use:
Clean first! It is not possible to disinfect dirt, so before disinfection remove all dirt and debris; scrape and brush all surfaces (vacuum if necessary); then power wash or use a power nozzle from the mains water supply.

Areas of Use:
All surfaces (floors, walls, doors, etc.), Feeding/Drinking Equipment, Stables, Transport, Footwear Baths, Rubber Boots, Brushes, Water Tanks and Drinking Lines, Bulk Silos.

EQUISEPT is presented as a 10g effervescent tablet (containing 5g Troclosene Sodium (NaDCC) - (the active ingredient).

Normal Use Rate: (300 ppm available chlorine) Double Use Rate: (600 ppm available chlorine)
50 tablets in 500L water
5 tablets in 50L water
1 tablets in 10L water
(Porous Surfaces / First Time Users)
100 tablets in 500L water
10 tablets in 50L water
2 tablets in 10L water

Application By:
Power-Spray, Back-pack Spray, EquiSept-soaked cloths or Atmospheric Fogging.