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  • FerX

    Iron & B Vitamin Powder.

  • Biotin

    Maintains hooves in good condition.

  • Good As Gold Paste

    Effective, convenient feed supplement designed for nervous, hot or stressed horses.

  • Sandxpell

    Sandxpell is a complemmentary feedingstuff for horses which contains psyllium husk, a bulk forming fibre.

  • FerX

    Iron & B Vitamin Powder.

  • Bioactive

    Bioactive is a pre race/competition energy booster syringe..

  • Hemorex Paste

    Provides essential nutrients the morning before intensive exercise.

  • Hemorex Powder

    Formulated for performance horses to nutritionally support pulmonary function.

  • Gluco-Flex

    Supplement for nutritional maintenance of healthy cartilage & joints.

  • Stride

    Enhances the level of glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) in the joint.

  • Stride HA

    Nutritional maintenance of healthy cartilage and joints.

  • Stride MP

    Nutritional Maintenance Programme for a healthy cartilage.


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